New Addon Checklist

User Requirements

1 Project

1.1 Files

  • Unreal Engine Marketplace Guidelines for the project okay?

1.2 Code

  • does contain custom c++ code?
  • if so no DLL (security reasons) except for publicly available third party content
  • check custom code for security concerning content
  • check blueprints for web api access 
  • check blueprints for local file operations
  • check blueprints for anything that could crash the user pc


  • Valid ID with video confirmation
  • USt. ID if necessary
  • Information about the seller 
    - Company: 
    - Individual: First Name, Last Name, Adresse
  • Bank Information
  • Contract Store Seller (TODO!!)

3 Marketplace Information

  • Store Information Texts
  • Promotion Texts
  • Age Rating
  • Source Access
  • Copyright Verification