Permissions and Roles

Permissions and Roles

Rights and roles are essential for project organization. In CA9 we distinguish between 5 roles.
The adjustment of the roles is done by drag and drop of the users into another role.

After joining a project, users are classified as "Project Viewer" by default.


Roles Explained

Each role inherits the rights of the role below.

Role Promotion / Demotion Rights Description
Owner can not be promoted / demoted. Only one owner per project. Can not be transferred as of now.
  • Adjust the limits for the file system
  • Manage Project Management Role
The owner is the creator of the project. Each project can only have one owner at a time. Ownership can not be transferred as of now and we do not plan to add this feature. If you are interested in it, post a comment below!
Project Manager Owner
  • invite new users
  • remove users (below Project Manager)
  • change permissions
  • remove assets
Project Managers.. manage the project. They are responsible for adding, removing and adjusting user permissions.
Project Editor Project Manager / Owner
  • Upload changes to the file sync
  • add assets
Project Editors will actively work on your projects
Project Viewer Project Manager / Owner
  • Download the current file sync
Project Viewers can be clients or testers for your project. They only have rights for viewing the project.
Pending no demotion to this role possible.  -- Users will be shown in this role once they are invited and did not accept or decline the invitation